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The Mayor of Puzzletown

William McCready, also known as the "Mayor of Puzzletown," is a beloved member of Townhouse. Despite having yet to do a puzzle before May of 2022, McCready has completed 33 puzzles in less than a year and has earned himself the title of Puzzletown's Mayor.

McCready grew up in Yonkers, New York, and had a career in auto repairs and shipping HAZ-Mat. One of his favorite childhood memories was traveling to Florida with his family around Easter. However, it was when he moved into Townhouse, a senior living community in his later years, that he discovered his love for puzzles.

When asked what he loves about Townhouse, McCready said, "There are always people to talk to." This sentiment is evident in the way he interacts with his fellow residents, often sitting down with them to work on puzzles together and engage in conversation.

McCready's journey with puzzles began when a fellow resident, who was in short-term rehab, started working on a flower puzzle named "The Missing Piece." McCready helped her with the puzzle, and after she was discharged before it was completed, he finished it on his own. Unfortunately, they were never able to find the missing piece.

Since that first puzzle, McCready has completed an impressive 33 puzzles. The recreation team at Townhouse plans to frame the puzzles and display them in the activity center once the frames arrive and the painting is complete.

McCready's love of puzzles has not only brought him joy and a sense of purpose, but it has also brought the community of Townhouse together. Through his puzzles, he has become a fixture of the community and has earned the nickname "Mayor of Puzzletown." His story shows that it's never too late to discover a new hobby and find joy in unexpected places.

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